“It runs in the family”

Today, the office enjoyed a visit from a Lone Soldier Center legacy – Suzy, the younger sister of national director of the Lone Soldier Center in Memory of Michael Levin, Josh Flaster. Suzy is the youngest and only sister in a family of six, and almost all of her older brothers have served in the IDF as lone soldiers and are now irreplaceable members of the Lone Soldier Center team.

Suzy cites Zionism as her main reason for joining the Israeli military (she serves in Intelligence), and also says quite truthfully, “It runs in the family.”

Her favorite part of her military experience has been mingling with different parts of Israeli society and serving with many types of people. “The friends that you meet in the army become the strongest relationships you have in your life,” she comments.

Her insider status allows her to give some lesser-known information about the center’s activities. “Maybe the door is open from nine to five,” she says about the office, “But the staff and volunteers never stop working. They’re answering phones and helping kids in the middle of the night and on weekends.”

Is Suzy a Lone Soldier Center staff member in the making? Only time will tell. After the army, she wants to see the world (particularly New Zealand and Australia) and go to university in Israel. For now, she enjoys spending her free time hanging out with her brothers’ families, particularly her “super-cute niece and nephew.”

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