From California, Recently drafted in to the army

Meet Brooke Cardy!

Coming from an American military family, serving her country was already deeply ingrained in her. Therefore, when she made Aliyah and made Israel her home, it was only natural for her to protect it

So far, Brooke’s found it difficult in the army without having her family around. Especially living in between apartments and figuring out which friends can host her. Of course with her always positive attitude she is able to recognize just how generous strangers can be. In her own words: “I feel like I get to see the best side off everyone shine through, and for that, it’s worth it.”

She says the Lone Soldier Center has helped her throughout her service in many ways, such as helping her fight her way into her draft, moving apartments multiple time, but the thing that she appreciates most is always having a place she can walk into at any moment and feel entirely at home.

The biggest surprise to Brooke so far has been how much her commanders genuinely care and want to help her succeed to her highest capabilities.

After the army, Brooke plans to travel the world and volunteer in third world countries for a few years, then get a degree in psychology.

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