A Story Like No Other

Like many other lone soldiers, Eliyahu made aliyah by himself at the age of 18 in order to serve and protect the state of Israel in the IDF. Eliyahu, being one of the last Jews to make aliyah from Raydah, Yemen, knew that this was going to be a difficult step, but that did not phase him.

Growing up in Yemen, Eliyahu was unable to walk around freely as a Jew without having to worry, and he felt that had no future there. After eighteen years, he realized that his future did not lie there, but here in Eretz Israel.

Eliyahu drafted in August 2015 into the Netzach Yehuda infantry battalion, which is in the Kfir Brigade, and is serving a full three-year service as an Israeli citizen. He expressed that he gets endless love and support from his brothers-in-arms from the army and Israelis on the street.

Eliyahu added that he is truly grateful for the help and support that he has received from the Lone Soldier Center, especially Jacob Flaster and Tziki Aud.

What lies in Eliyahu’s future? He is not sure which path he will take, but he is sure that he wants to start a family here in Israel.

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