3 Siblings Serving Together

Meet Sara, Shai and Evan, siblings from Richmond, VA, who are all serving as lone soldiers in the IDF. Sara, 21, and 18-year-old twins Shai and Evan, all made Aliyah through a program called נוער עולה לפני ההורים, allowing kids from all over the world to study in a boarding high school in Israel with the option of making Aliyah after graduation. 

Sara made Aliyah after 11th grade and drafted to the IDF as a ‘Mefakedet Tironim,’ a commander of basic training. Sara’s most meaningful part of her service is when she is able to bond with problematic soldiers who have had traumatic experiences.    

Shai and Evan moved to Israel in 10th grade and made aliyah after graduation. They both drafted in November 2016: Shai to Givati and Evan to Gadsar Golani. Shai always felt like Israel is the place where he is meant to be and is moved by being being part of an important purpose that is larger than himself. So far, Evan’s most meaningful moment from his service occured during his swearing-in ceremony where his סמ”פ awarded him his tag.

All the siblings are very passionate about the Lone Soldier Center. Shai is very grateful to the staff and volunters who escorted him to the ‘Bakum’ and helped him throughout his draft process. “My favorite part of the Lone Soldier Center is the people. It’s more than the help, the people are just amazing.”

Sara has mentioned the amazing help she has received from the LSC. They have helped her a lot with preparing for her discharge from the IDF. She expressed her gratitude towards the ‘bnot sherut’ who went out with her late at night to see apartments so she would not have to go alone, and to the LSC for furnishing her apartment.

Sara finishes her service soon and is planning to move to Tel Aviv and study Political Science. Shai and Evan plan to serve for the next three years and will then continue to live in Israel.

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