“This is my purpose in life.”

Josh Boone is a lone soldier from Boise, Idaho, where he was the only Jewish student in a high school of 3,000 students. 24-year-old Josh drafted into the IDF this past December, first to Michve Alon and now serves in the Golani Brigade.

From a young age, Josh dreamed of moving to Israel and joining the IDF. He points to fallen lone soldier, Max Steinberg, as a friend and inspiration. In the summer of 2014 Josh was in rural Idaho, working as a firefighter for the Idaho Forest Service, when he learned that his friend Max fell in battle protecting the Land of the Jewish people. Because of this, Josh knew he had to return to Israel and join the IDF to do his part to keep Israel safe.

Josh’s family couldn’t have been more proud on the day that he drafted into the IDF. He himself was overwhelmed with happiness that he was finally accomplishing his dream. Josh tells us that he understood from day one that, “this is my purpose in life.”

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