Lone Soldier from Phoenix

Jake Guerrero from Phoenix, Arizona is serving as a commander in the IDF’s Combat Engineering unit. He grew up as an active participant USY and after his gap year in Israel, Jake says, “I felt compelled to do my part in protecting the jewish people.” Jake has a lot of responsibility as a commander but says he feels that the most important and difficult part of it all is making the base a better place for his soldiers.

What surprised him most about joining the IDF? He thought it was strange that many native Israelis couldn’t comprehend why he came to Israel to join a foreign army.

Jake found the Lone Soldier Center helpful during his service. He said it is not only a place to hang out and meet people but, “The Center provides letters on the holidays from kids in Israel and abroad saying how much they appreciate what you do. I actually keep one with me all the time.” What else does he like about the Center? The free shampoo! According to Jake “Free shampoo for two years is great, keeps the level of hygiene for lone soldiers very high”.

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